Individualised support for the implementation of Mind Brain Education principles, Science Programs and tailored Pastoral Care Programs for School clusters, individual schools and departments.

Workshops & Seminars

Active Axons provides tailored on-site workshops and seminars to excite, engage and empower educators, students, parents, health professionals and community groups.

Profiling System

The Learning and Career Profiling System is an engaging and very affordable on-line tool to assist students to build individual and meaningful Learning and Career Pathway Plans.


Active Axons aims to share current interdisciplinary research on how the brain learns and leads through a range of highly interactive professional learning services.


ACTIVE AXONS is an education and training consultancy.

Excite, Engage, Empower For Learning And For Life



Active Axons is an education and training consultancy. We are committed to sharing current research in neuroeducation and the applications of brain compatible learning principles with educators, students, families, community groups and leaders.



Kery is an inspirational educator who has fostered a love of learning in her students. They experience “value adding” and an ability to apply their learning to their lives



From students who attended one day “WENZIT Working : Learning with the Brain in Mind” workshops in 2010