Empowering Education & Wellness

Active Axons Education is a private education company based in Sydney, providing educational neuroscience online programs on learning & wellness, professional consultation & education events all throughout Australia using Neuroplasticty & Neuroscience as the basis of the delivery of education to Adults, Children, Parents, Students, Teachers, Educational Instutitions & Education Bodies & Organisations.

Education is for Everybody’s Brains

Make your own smarts & enjoy learning! Inspiring the confidence to choose to learn for life. Evidence from neuroeducation provides methods for authentic learning & teaching to allow us to do more & be more with the wonderful brain we all have.

Science is Easy, Biology Rocks

A “no test score” learning approach to science for living life in the 21st century! Communicating the natural process & joy of science. Sharing the language of living biology to inform our choices, our lives, our health & our understanding of health professionals!

Sharing Nature’s Pharmacy

A desire to be connected to the natural world is part of our DNA. Nature is the first pharmacy. What a joy to combine the best of science & the best of nature to educate & communicate plant based options for natural health.  The new aromatherapy provides powerful tools.

21st Century Education

Grades should not dictate our success.  Learning is for everyone’s brain, naturally & is lifelong.  Let’s measure our passion & determination as natural learners to empower students.  There is a way.

21st Century Wellness

People who choose to learn about their health & wellbeing have a greater choice in making the life they want to live.  Education & Tools can bridge the perceived gap between science & nature. Knowing your body helps us appreciate Nature as the First Pharmacy.

Kery O'Neill (BVSc DipEd)

Kery O'Neill (BVSc DipEd)


As a Scientist, a past Hippy, a Teacher, a Vet,  a DISC High I/High D, a “7”, an Australian Founding Doterra Diamond, Kery O’Neill is a dynamic & highly qualified educator & specialist in the neuroscience of learning.  She is an ongoing trainer for Teacher Training Australia.

With a background that incorporates research science, veterinary surgery, education, management & complementary health, Kery has become an impassioned lifelong learner. Kery’s personal & professional learning Journey has taught her to be an enthusiastic, inspiring communicator of our choices in Education & Wellness.

Education... Tools... Your Confidence To Choose

We can help & support you in Education & in Health & Wellness.  Let’s change things together.

Who is Active Axons Education For?


Everyday People

Active Axons offers educational opportunities for EVERYONE

A grounded approach to education; education that can be applied to real life – this is not learning from a book!

Teachers & Students

The New Biology for High School Students & Neuro architecture for the Teachers who teach them


Active Axons Education aims to improve choices & understanding of life for parents

Sharing Nature’s Pharmacy

Professional learning opportunities based on the latest research of educational neuroscience

Why Choose Active Axons Education?


We Make Science Accessible to Everyone

Axons Axons makes science accessible through online & face to face delivery of education.

Original & Time Tested Learning Techniques

Active Axons Education methodologies have been developed over time & refined by years practice & successful outcomes.

Kery Is A Highly Regarded Trainer In Education

Kery O'Neill continues to be a main trainer for the Teacher's Training Association & has fulfilled this role for many years.

Kery Has Walked The Talk

Kery has taught in the classroom, in the educational training sector, corporate & government environments, education events & is a renowned lecturer & presenter in neuroeducation.

The Flexibility To Learn When You Want To

Active Axons Education offers feducation neuroscience online programs providing the flexibility to learn whenever you like, 24/7, 7 days a week.

Sixth Why?

Why Why Why

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