From students who attended one day “WENZIT Working : Learning with the Brain in Mind” workshops in 2010

Thank you so much Ms O’Neill for coming and teaching us all about the brain . It was a SUPER fun day. My brain cells must have been making connections! I enjoyed dissecting the sheep’s brain best because it was so hands on and you could actually see where everything was. That helped to remember things because when you looked back, you remember actually doing it – not watching a movie on how to do it.

- Isobella B, 5K

My favourite part of the day was modelling the clay brain because I don’t usually use clay and I got some comments about my particular brain! I liked the part that I made, the cortex, which was the pink wiggles on the outside of our brain. It was a great thing to do.

- Emma H  5k

I didn’t want the day to end, it was such good fun!! I enjoyed learning about your brain parts and what they do and how important sleep is. Everything about the day was my favourite bit – making posters, doing the brain dance, cutting the brain, the power point slide show. It was all good! Thankyou.

- Chantelle S

It was great making the ‘Brainy Breakfast’ poster as it was a way to get our imaginations working. I would have liked more time on the posters!

- Charlotte, 6G

I loved dissecting the sheep brain because it felt really slimy and a lot of people laughed at mine. It’s good to know you can control your ‘smarts’ too. I felt pretty weird doing the ‘Brain Dance’ though! Thanks a heap!

- Tom H,  6G

The Active Axon day was such fun and a great opportunity for us! I would have liked it to go for much longer than just a day! I really liked the dissection because it was so fun and interesting to learn about all the parts. I loved the patterns on the inside of the brain when you cut it open …it was also a bit disgusting!

- Brooke  6G

I learnt some great stuff like all brains are different and you have to protect your brain and keep it healthy. Dissecting the brain was good because you can always imagine what the brain is like but to be able to cut one up and look at all the parts is really cool!

- Lucy 6G

Dear Kery,
Imogen attended a ‘WENZIT Working?’ workshop and she thoroughly enjoyed the day. She came home ‘buzzing’ and spent the next week filling in the family on all that she had learned, including using the correct terminology. She has certainly remembered plenty from the day.  Imogen particularly enjoyed the practical parts of the day that included dissecting a brain, making a model of the brain from playdough and making a poster. She also expressed to me that it was easy to learn “because the way Ms O’Neill explained everything to us made it easy for us to understand what she was teaching. ‘Ms O’Neill didn’t talk at us, she talked to us.’
Thank you so much for inspiring our daughter!
I will end by quoting Imogen: It was a really fun day!


- A letter from the mother of a 2010 workshop participant