Workshops & Seminars

The following list of workshop titles is by no means exhaustive. Active Axons is more than happy to work with clients at participating sites to develop more individualised programs. Each site will certainly have particular areas of interest and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

“Empowering Educators” – Professional Development Programs or Staff Seminars

  1. WENZIT Working- Leading the Learning Brain
  2. WENZIT Working –Concepts and Behavioural Brains
  3. WENZIT Working – Stress, Assessment and Learning
  4. PRIMARY SCIENCE – Engaging the National Curriculum
  5. BIOLOGY Teaching for Their Futures


“Empowering Students” – Age Appropriate Interactive Workshops for Students

  1. Meet Your Brain -Meet Your Future
  2. WENZIT Working – Brain Care
  3. WENZIT Working– Study Skills for Life
  4. WENZIT Working Against You– Life Choices


“Empowering Parents” – Parent Information Evenings or Orientation Programs

  1. WENZIT Working for Families




“Empowering Communities” – Seminars for Interest Groups and Health Professionals

  1. WENZIT Working – Health Choices
  2. WENZIT Working in Sport
  3. Leading With the Brain Forward