Empowering Community Groups

Seminars for health professionals, interest groups and corporate groups

These programs are available as short talks or longer workshops. Using the current research in neuroscience and cognition, participants are introduced to how the brain learns, remembers, makes decisions and forms concepts. Understanding the importance of concepts in decision making helps participants to recognise the value of brain compatible strategies in empowering communities and leaders to help those around them.

1. WENZIT Working – Health Choices

This seminar is aimed at communicating the importance of concept change to empower individuals to make choices about lifestyles, substance use and substance abuse. It can be targeted to suit community groups or for health professionals who would like to investigate ways of communicating health choices. Realising the importance of brain health sets the platform for informed choice.

2.  WENZIT Working in Sport

Realising the importance of brain health sets the platform for informed choice. Understanding the basis for how the brain learns new skills helps coaches and athletes to challenge how best to teach and practise them. The current findings of neuroscience regarding the importance of intrinsic motivation, big picture views and timely feedback are emphasised.

3.  LEADING With the Brain Forward

A program to engage business and community leaders with strategies to promote coherent and productive workplaces based on the current research in neuroscience. Understanding the basis for emotion and behaviour builds confidence and empathy. Learning how to learn empowers individuals. Using models and interactive games different communication and leadership styles are modelled.

The benefits of an individual Learning and Career Profiling System are discussed.