Our Brains, Our Learning, Naturally

Understanding the way our brains learn Empowers our Confidence.

The Choice to step into the brain’s ability to change itself Empowers our Lives.

For the love of Our Learning Brains


Learning is a Survival Tool

Learning is the most natural thing our brains can do; it is written in our DNA and it is lifelong. We all have innate wisdom.

Why, then do so many of us feel like learning is hard? Why then do so many of our kids find school unrewarding and difficult? Why are so many teachers and students tired and stressed? Why does our level of “success” seem to be measured in comparative scales? Why do so many feel like Science is “that hard subject” or a particular subject is just not for them.

Our brains desire to learn, but they just need to know why they should. It is a natural survival mechanism!Humans are natural learners and our brains are highly plastic, changing with every experience. That’s a pretty empowering realisation! We know can truly make our own smarts and each one of us can be the builder of our own brain’s maps

Having even a basic understanding of how our brains work greatly enhances our understanding of how the process of learning can be best supported

We would love to share some information with you on this page and invite you to look into our online learning programs in this field. Ready to dive in?

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What’s in an Education

Education is both a Human Right the most powerful generational gift our children can enjoy. It is also something we should continue to enjoy through life. There has been a drive by some school systems, and an “impression” in sections of the community, that school education is about a number at the end, driven from the top down with an emphasis on comparisons and grades.

The Melbourne Declaration of Education (2008) on which Australian Education is based, states that the aim of our education system is to allow

“All young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens”

It is about learning to live a full life as a global citizen in the 21st Century.

That’s so cooooool! …and that’s how we all see it…right ?


Empowering Learning Choices

Research into the neuroscience of natural learning represents a rapidly growing and evolving knowledge bank. It has been building for over 30 years.

This research has been recommended to inform the way we “do education”. The powerful knowledge base, however, has been applied more to the gaming industry than to education systems.

The findings are not empowering enough teachers, informing enough classrooms nor exciting enough learners.

As learners and teachers ourselves, we have experienced the positive impact of this approach over the past 20 years in primary, secondary, tertiary and community learning settings.

We have a lived experience that if educators and learners know some basics of their brain “bits and processes”, know what the process of learning actually looks like, know why they are learning and can relate to that learning, then everyone is much happier, can be more responsible, more effective and reach their greatest potential.

Kery, “Your Essential Biologist” began running student workshops to excite and engage the kids in her care more fully in the learning process. This extended to school workshops and then turned into accredited teacher education programs and TTA courses. These are the basis for our new online learning experiences.

We have a profound desire to get this out to more learners of all ages and more educators at all stages. Let us inspire your confidence to learn for life, to teach for learning, to enjoy the process to the max.

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Natural Learning and Neuroeducation

If you look for more information in the field of Neuroeducation you will find many, many different approaches to sharing the research. There are a variety of ways of summarising the findings to help support how we learn and how we teach. Our courses are based on these findings and are organised using them as well

We would love to share with you our version of the brief overview of our current knowledge of the learning brain. the 9 Levers of the Learning Brain and How to Use Them. A toolkit to de-stress learning,  including an Action Plan Toolkit Template

This will no doubt need to undergo review as new information comes to light in the future and will be a work in progress!

There is a link to get your summary below.

Please send me a copy of “ The 9 Levers of the Learning Brain (and how to make the most of them) ”

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For the love of Science for Understanding


A Natural Tool for Understanding

Science is such an important tool for informed choice in life. It is really such an easy and exciting thing…not realllllly

“Every single human being is born with the ability and desire to make predictions about the world, to test hypothesis, to work things out and to make sense of things” Caine and Caine (2010) “Natural Learning”

Basically, every single one of us is “doing science” from the minute we are born! It is really just part of what our amazing brains do by default.

Science really should be the most natural of subjects to be engaged in. It is simply a way of trying to understand and explain the world around us in order to make predictions about our choices – and choices in life are many

The language of “proof” and the experiences of test scores in classrooms have given so many a perception that they cant “do” science. This brings up for many the unfortunate belief that “Science is hard” “Science is boring” “Science just wants to prove stuff”.

OOPS. Scientists are sometimes not so good at communicating what they do and the way the process of science enriches our lives individually and as a society.


Understanding Science Naturally

We aim to be catalysts for closing the gap between science and nature. We hope to change the idea that Science is “That Hard Subject” to science “That Amazing Tool for Life”

Our courses are not like learning science at school!

Science is not about remembering facts and saying difficult words. It is not about finding the “truth” and proving things. Being “literate” in science, at its simplest, means “a person can ask, find or determine answers to question derived from curiosity about everyday life”

We would love to see everyone find the confidence in their “science self” that the probably lost at school.

Our courses are for those who would like to be challenged to change their perception of science and learn to love it, for teachers of science to approach science education with a neuroeducation approach for their students’ futures, and for students of science to keep it real.

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