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Our biological bodies are naturally well when we have balance. Understanding how our bodies work to keep us well empowers our choices.


For the love of biology

If you ask anyone to define “Biology” they may describe it as a field of science, the study of living things, something they did at high school and cut up frogs, something taught by people wearing socks and sandals. We have even seen it described as the “stamp collecting of science”.

Have you read our section “for the love of science” yet? Ok, the sound of frustration at this end is the same for this one!

Kery “Your Essential Biologist” would so love to challenge these perceptions.

Having a basic understanding of the way we “do” life on our biological bodies empowers our understanding of the choices we have. Having a level of biological literacy – understanding the terms describing our living beings and conditions of health and disease helps is look at the information we are being flooded with in terms of health choices for ourselves and our families.


Whats more, learning about our living bodies is so engaging and applicable

The nature of our bodies is downright AMAZING! We are a great conglomerate of over 37 TRILLION little packets of salty water all carrying out life chemistry, communicating with each other and keeping us alive and well as a whole...AND here I am with those cells in my fingers typing under the control of other cells while different cells are actually thinking about how al the cells are working together. HOW COOL IS LIFE!!!

We call Biology “Life Science to Learn for Living” – and its generally not how you learnt it at school.

biology is at the forefront of meeting the challenges that face humans and all life everywhere.

Do this …don’t do this…do this .. you should do this…eat this…don’t eat this…and depending on what you read or hear it may well be contradictory.

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For the love of Natures Pharmacy

Have you ever felt your shoulders drop a little just seeing a picture of a forest, or the ocean? There is a lot of evidence that our brains work at their best and our bodies can achieve balance more easily when we are exposed to the natural surroundings humans have long evolved in.

Biophilia -our innate tendency to associate with the natural world and other living things. a way to understand why we can "feel better" just by being in a natural environment

Our natural environment has provided us with the building blocks for life since life started. Living things have learnt to interact with their surroundings in a way that provides them with shelter and food and avoids dangers.

Nature was our first pharmacy – and is still serving that function for much of life on earth.

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We are incredibly fortunate to be living in a time when the knowledge of health and wellbeing is progressing so rapidly. We have access to amazing resources, systems and tools to support us.

As a vet, and working for a short time in human pathology, Kery “Your Essential Biologist” has experienced the benefit of modern medicine and the healthcare system. She has also experienced and seen the situation of health care being done “to you” not “with you”

Have we tended to move to far away from our intuitive understanding of what we need for health? From the simple things there are in nature to complement our health systems and be more proactive in our approach?

Understanding what our bodies need to maintain “balance” can empower a proactive and natural support for our wellbeing.

Having an awareness of the range of evidence based integrative approaches that are available to us empowers our choice and our responsibility.


Kery has found great support for herself and her family though the new aroma therapy. While she was quite ill a wonderful friend suggested she might be supported by Frankincense. Kery scoffed at this and continued on her pharmaceuticals inspite of the side effects. As a teacher of scientific literacy Kery realised her response to the suggestion of essential oils had been very unscientific . After 6 months…yes 6 months! …of personal research into Frankincense she started using the oils and has not looked back.

We are not anti-medicine but we very much encourage a natural medicine cabinet as a first port of call.

“It is just basic cellular biology. Of course they work”