Our Wellness, Our Biology

Understanding our Bodies Empowers our choices. Understanding the Choices Empowers our Wellbeing.

For the Love of Our Amazing Biology


Health – a Human Right

We are naturally well when our bodies have a balanced biology. With this amazing biology and all the technological advance we have available to us are we getting more or less “healthy” as a society?

Do you ever wonder why there is an emphasis on reactive rather than proactive wellness ? Do you ever wonder why so many people find the language of health professionals so overwhelming? Do you ever wonder why it seems that a lot of health care is done “to you not with you”? Do you ever wonder why so many feel disempowered to ask “why”?


Health is a human right. With this right comes entitlements and freedoms – “the entitlement to a system of health protection that gives everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the highest attainable level of health” and the freedom to choose how “to control ones health and body”. (W.H.O)

We are incredibly fortunate to be living in a time when the knowledge of health and wellbeing is progressing so rapidly. We have access to amazing resources, systems and tools to support us. Our modern model of healthcare however is not always easy to access or indeed affordable. It is also not always easy to understand.

We all deserve to understand enough to inform our choices.

Our biology sets us up to be generally well in order to survive. This has got to be a good place to begin.


Amazing Bodies, Amazing Choices

The nature of our bodies is downright AMAZING! 46 trillion cells working together to keep us alive and thriving is no mean feat. Current understanding of the biology of well-being, and the chemistry of life is super exciting.

Having a basic understanding of the way we “do” life in our bodies empowers our understanding of the choices we have for living well. The fact that our bodies strive to maintain an internal balance, “homeostasis”, helps us understand some of our most basic needs for wellbeing.The growing understanding of the interrelatedness of gut health, mental health, immune health and cell function etc is giving us a more “coordinated” understanding of supporting health through supporting biology.

We would love to share this with you in a way to empower and not overwhelm.

Would it be great to better listen to what your body is “saying” to you when you experience “symptoms”? Would it be great to understand the language used by health practitioner so you could ask more questions?

Would it be great to enjoy learning about the beauty that is our biology?

We would love to share our passion for learning about living processes, about how human bodies “do life. We call Biology “Life Science for Living Life” – and this is generally not how you learnt it at school!

Ready for online learning about our amazing biology

For the love of An Integrative Approach


Getting the Balance

Wellness begins with lifestyle choices that act on our basic biology. Good nutrition, maintaining gut health, regular exercise, rest and reducing our toxic load are educated life choices.

An Integrated Approach to health aims to strengthen our body’s natural ability to try to heal itself and to utilise the tools we have in the 21st century. On top of our lifestyle choices there are many health practitioners we can call on to support our healthcare.

Have you ever been confused by all the talk about traditional, modern, alternative, complementary, medical, evidence based and snake oil approaches to supporting wellness and healthcare? It can bring out strong emotions in some people as well.

Having an awareness of the range of evidence based complementary approaches that are available to us empowers our choice and our responsibility and supports our human right to healthcare.

The desire to support wellbeing has a long history. Some of the things we have done have been “extraordinary”. Some in a very good way and some we would now say were in an incredibly bad way. The human approach has always been informed by the knowledge of the time.

The history of the “modern medical” approach to health and wellbeing is quite short. There were always different schools of thought and often brilliant advances that were put down by peers. There have been different opinions over time. It is an incredibly interesting story based on the lives of individuals striving for the best!

The benefits of massage and other body work, mindfulness, yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine and a host of other modalities have become more apparent to science, as well as to those who have experienced the benefits already for a long time.

Active Axons Education strongly aligns with the evidence for an integrative approach to wellbeing and healthcare.


Looking at our choices

Maybe we could employ some of truly simple things in nature to complement our health systems and allow a more proactive and less costly approach to health?

If you ever felt your shoulders drop a little when you walk in the park, or your breath come more easily just seeing a picture of a forest, or the ocean, then your body is demonstrating Biophilia. Bio – living, philia – tendency toward. It is now well recognised and describes our innate tendency to associate with the natural world and other living things.

This desire to be part of the natural world is written in our DNA, a given on a biological level. A primal connection. Mental, physical and spiritual health support. It just feels better!

The Japanese have a healing modality called “Forest Bathing” or Shrinrin-yoku.

Our bodies achieve balance more easily, and our brains work at their best, when we are exposed to nature. Our natural environment has provided us with the building blocks for life since life started. Living things have learnt to interact with their surroundings in a way that provides them with shelter and food and avoids dangers.

Plant based tools for wellbeing have been an extension of this throughout history.


Given the biology of “doing life” we can see the great benefit of being able to access natural tools for living well. These can be used proactively to support balance or reactively as an early option to help reduce the toxic load we can tend to accumulate.

After following her typical need to check the research, Kery has been utilising the natural chemistry of the “new aromatherapy” to support the health and wellbeing of herself and her family – both 2 legged and 4 legged since 2011. Active Axons Education has also been using this natural chemistry to support teachers and students in the classroom.

We know many people have recognised these benefits for a very long time. In todays world it is great to see science and nature meeting so obviously here to enable a large group of ‘other’ people to engage these tools.

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