Two of the most important aspects to empower us living our lives to the full are Education and Health.

Do our current systems do these best for the life in the 21t Century?

Active Axons Education delivers courses and natural tools with the aim to be a catalyst for educated choice in learning and wellness for life

In talking “about us” it is really finding clarity in what we do – why we do it – and what it might mean for you.

Lets start with the why – as this was the driver and is at the core of our courses and our choice of tools.

The United Nations recognises the rights of all individuals to have access to the best of both education and healthcare in their lives. This is why education is compulsory. In the more fortunate countries we have “systems” in place to set and govern both Education and Healthcare.

Do the systems get it right? Are there choices we can make? Is there more we can do?


Kery O’Neill is the owner and director of Active Axons Education. A vet, a highly experienced science educator and student wellbeing coordinator, a specialist in neuroeducation, a wellness advocate and a passionate lifelong learner, Kery was teaching at the time she started the company in 2009. Her commitment to share the courses and tools offered by Active Axons Education has been driven by her own experience in the education and healthcare systems an by the experiences of those she loves.

These experiences raised many questions.

  • Have systems lost sight of what the aims are for individuals?
  • Why does education seem to many to be more about the system than about the learning for individuals?
  • Why does it seem that a lot of health care done “to you not with you”?
  • Why isnt school an enjoyable and safe place for all students?
  • Why are so many teachers so stressed and so many leave the profession?
  • Why is our “success” as learners and teachers determined often by a comparative numerical scale?
  • Why do so many people think science is “hard”?
  • Why do so many people find the language of health professionals so overwhelming
  • Why do so many feel disempowered to ask “why”?
  • Why is there an emphasis on reactive rather than proactive wellness?

Active Axons Education has grown from an intense desire to make a difference:

To how teachers and students “do school”.

To how healthcare “does wellness”.

There is a lot that can inform 21st Century Wellness and 21st Century Education


What we do

Active Axons Education develops and delivers courses and natural tools to inspire confidence in our choices in a 21st life.

We incorporate the neuroscience of learning and the innate biology of wellbeing to provide and evidence based approach. We encourage an understanding of Education and Healthcare options in the 21st Century.

Our courses are delivered both face to face and online.

Education is for everyone so there are a range of entry points and areas of interest. The courses are designed with research from the neuroscience of learning in mind, and are accessible, interactive and able to applied to everyday life immediately!

Our courses include those for general interest, diving deeper, student support and professional development for teachers. The general themes are around and understanding of how the brain learns, how to engage learners, how our bodies function, the biology of health and disease, the joy of science and a combination of the above!

We want to close the perceived gap between “science” and “nature” and appreciate that we are all natural learners.

Our association with the natural tools provided by doTERRA Essential Oils was a very considered decision. The integrative and evidence based approach of doTERRA and its fair trade model are quite inspiring. This compliments the quality and efficacy of the aromatic support for health and learning they provide. The best of science and the best of nature – and its down to informed choice. We have an active support program for our doTERRA members on the biology of aromatic medicine approaches to health and for those who are interested, the business.

Our Services include :


Wellness and Health Education

  • Short and longer courses to help understand the way our bodies work and what is happening when there is a disease process

Teacher Professional Development

  • Short and longer courses incorporating the Neuroscience of Learning
  • Increase student engagement and decrease teacher stress (accredited)
  • Teaching that Science is Easy
  • Teaching that Biology Rocks

How to

  • Short and longer courses for students, parents and anyone who wants to be reintroduced to all that their brains can do!

doTERRA Essential

  • Access to Tools for incorporating Essential Oils into wellness choices
  • Members Hub for customer education and training
  • Members hub for business training
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