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What We Offer and Why


We all deserve to live full lives as global citizens in the 21st century. Our time comes with amazing opportunities and with responsibility. Active Axons Education was born out of an intense desire to connect authentic education and informed choice with the amazing joy of living and the importance of individual responsibility.

We develop and deliver online learning and work with natural tools to support wellbeing. Face to face workshops for community and school groups, and keynote presentations can also be arranged by request.

Kery Oneill, the founder and director, is an impassioned communicator of what is possible, of what current research suggests how best to support basic human rights of Education and Healthcare.

Every one of the learning programs developed, and each of the natural tools offered, has been deeply informed by both current research and life experience.


This experience has been within the systems of Education and Healthcare in Australia as, and with, teachers, students, parents, clinicians and patients.

While the experiences have included incredibly positive interactions and outcomes, they have also seen people getting lost in these systems.

There has been frustration, overwhelm, stress, disempowerment, burn out, low self-esteem, medical complexity, emphasis on grades and lack of feeling included.

We incorporate the neuroscience of learning, the biology of wellbeing and the natural process of science in our programs and communicate these in a way that you wish you learnt at school.

We aim to foster a love of learning for life and close any perceived gap between the natural world and the process of science.

Our participants include students, parents and educators; individuals who want to better understand their health professionals, individuals who want to better understand their life choices and individuals who just want to learn more about their bodies and how exciting learning can be.

How it works


Online Learning

Our online learning is organised into modules and is self paced, accessible and interactive. Education is for everyone, so there are a range of entry points and areas of interest.

The general themes are around understanding of how the brain learns, how our bodies function in health and disease, how to engage learners, the joy of science and a combination of the above! Options include those for general interest, diving deeper, student support and professional development for teachers.

Courses are delivered with enthusiasm and are” real results” driven – without the test scores. Participants will be able to immediately apply their learning to everyday life.

They are also dynamic, and we truly value your feedback as we know there are always things that can be done better.

Like some help seeing what might be in here for you?

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Natural Tools

Active Axons Education strongly aligns with the evidence for an integrative approach to wellness and healthcare.

Wellness begins with lifestyle choices acting on our basic biology. Nutrition, exercise, rest and reducing our toxic load are educated life choices. There are also many health practitioners we can call on to support our healthcare – western, traditional and complementary.

Our association with the natural tools provided by doTERRA Essential Oils was a very considered decision. The integrative and evidence-based approach of doTERRA and its ethical co-impact sourcing model are incredibly inspiring. This complements the quality and efficacy of the aromatic support for health and learning they provide. The best of science and the best of nature – and its down to informed choice.

We have an active support program for our doTERRA customer members on the biology of aromatic medicine approaches to health and for those who are interested, we are also supporting those who can see this as a business that aligns for them.

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Meet Your Essential Biologist

Kery O’Neill is the Founder and Director of Active Axons Education. She is a Veterinarian who followed her love of learning into a career in education.

Kery’s personal and professional Journey has taught her to be a passionate advocate for choice, for equity and for the joy of service.

Kery is a highly qualified educator and is a specialist in the biology of wellbeing and the neuroscience of learning. Her background incorporates veterinary surgery, research science, science education, environmental education, student wellbeing coordination, complementary health, small business and business mentoring. She is the first to say there is so much more to learn!

Kery was working as a teacher when she started the company after realising how closely her teaching, and those who inspired her, followed the findings of neuroeducation in 2008. She began running student workshops to excite and engage the kids in her care more fully in the learning process. This extended to school workshops and turned into accredited teacher education programs and courses with TTA. She has walked the talk of authentic education.

Healthcare and Wellness became a joint part of the focus of what Active Axons offers from late 2011. It seemed like the most natural partnership. Learning about Biology and the Brain can inform so many of our choices in the 21st century.

While her background is based on the medical model, Kery has been utilising the natural chemistry of the New Aromatherapy to support the wellbeing of her family – both 2 and 4 legged since early 2011. Active Axons Education also employs this natural chemistry to support teachers and students in classrooms and we are now happy to share tools offered by doTERRA as a layer of their services.

Kery is an Australian Founder Diamond Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and loves the synergy of nature and science. She travels worldwide to educate and empower.

Kery is the mother of three children who span the gen categories. She lives on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park in NSW, Australia. Kery is extremely grateful for the life she lives with her family in this environment and the business that allows her to follow her passions.

Our Services


Wellness and Health Education

  • Short and longer courses to help understand the way our bodies work and what is happening when there is a disease process

Teacher Professional Development

  • Short and longer courses incorporating the Neuroscience of Learning
  • Increase student engagement and decrease teacher stress (accredited)
  • Teaching that Science is Easy
  • Teaching that Biology Rocks

How to

  • Short and longer courses or students, parents and anyone who wants to be reintroduced to all that their brain can do!

Using Natures Pharmacy

  • Access to Tools for incorporating Essential Oils into wellness choices
  • Members Hub for customer education and training
  • Members hub for business training
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